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We need real solutions,
not just ideological talking points.


If we want to balance our budget, we must cut spending where it is most effective, which is healthcare, entitlements, and defense. These costs account… Learn More


Our military must be modernized to face the threats of today and the future. We need to streamline the military to make it more efficient and more affordable. Learn More


We must protect our economy by getting our budget under control through both spending cuts and economic growth. Learn More


The role of the Department of Education should be to explore ways to improve education while making it more affordable, leaving implementation to the… Learn More


People are living longer than ever, and also enjoying retirement benefits longer than ever. In order to manage these costs, we must increase the retirement… Learn More


Air pollution is the 3rd leading cause of death in America. Global trends are shifting away from traditional energy sources and toward renewable energy.… Learn More


We need to stop treating public healthcare programs like a normal government program and treat them more like health insurance with premiums. We also need… Learn More


Immigrants have a lot to offer and grow our economy. Our current system creates unnecessary obstacles that prevents qualified immigrants from coming and… Learn More


Civil political discourse is becoming increasingly difficult in today's political climate. We need programs to encourage Americans to get to know each… Learn More

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